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I’m Lucia Alma, a Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer. My passion is breathing life into 2D spaces, from print magazine covers to digital ad campaigns. I’ve worked with brands and publishers such as Rilee, Esepa-do, Kimi-Cho & The Tribunal.

Reach out to me with your collaboration ideas;
I’d love to work together.


  • Rilee, Starsk

  • Fin-Design Mag

  • Esepa-do

  • Porto Pollo

  • Travel Corsica

  • Kimi-ChoFrais

  • HotelXEND 

  • Den

  • Monton

  • Sierra

  • Riskit Magazine

  • Dupont

  • Dragonfly

  • The Tribunal


Available for commissions & collaborations  @AlmaLucia

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